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Photo collage exploring different forms, movement, lighting and reflection of glass and water. 

Series 01

“Dawn” is an abstract photo collage project that explores the dynamic interplay of moving and still imagery. I took these photos during the pandemic in Docklands on February 9th, 2021. I captured the reflection of the sky and shimmering light on the water's surface, which inspired me to closer examination of textures, shadows, flow, and mirroring in the surroundings. I created a series of posters in the crafts of diverse water textures, combined with a calligraphic typeface I designed called ‘Morre’. Each box within the poster represents a unique stencil, resembling microchips and cryptic codes, with distinctive bends of colours, shapes, textures, movements, and forms. These autonomous elements possess an independent allure while harmoniously converging to construct a compelling whole. Like every glimmer, reflection, and interplay of light upon the water, each is a puzzle piece with its own narrative, and it resembles people, environment, meaning, sound, movement or story. This project embodies the essence of life, reminding us that genuine appreciation lies in taking a closer look.

Series 02