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La Vera (project work at Studio White Noise)

Sales presenter and Latent Defects Insurance website design using existing brand identity established by Studio White Noise.
Guided by Lauren Messina, Creative Director.

Within this project, I showcased my adeptness in utilising existing brand guidelines to generate new assets and applications for La Vera. Specifically, I focused on creating designs for the sales presenter and the website, diligently adhering to established brand guidelines.

Employing block visuals and adhering to text layout principles outlined in the brand guidelines, I demonstrated my ability to interpret and apply the specified design elements. The sales presenter and webpage design seamlessly integrated property renders and written copies, showcasing a cohesive and visually appealing representation that aligns with La Vera’s brand identity.

This project is a testament to my capacity to comprehend design requirements and translate them into effective and visually coherent assets while maintaining fidelity to the established brand guidelines.